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Baroness - web_edited.jpg


Creating a fanmade poster design for the heavy metal band Baroness, specifically inspired by the song “Shock Me” from their Purple album, has been an incredibly personal and introspective journey for me. This project allowed me to delve into the profound and harrowing experiences that guitarist John Baizley endured following the tragic bus accident on August 15, 2012, and his subsequent struggles with health recovery.

“Shock Me” holds a special place within the album as a symbolic representation of the trauma and resilience that the singer and the band as a whole had to face. It is a hauntingly powerful song that delves deep into the darkness of their experiences, while also embodying the flickering hope and determination to overcome adversity.

Creating this poster design has been an emotional experience. It allowed me to explore the depths of Baroness' music and pay tribute to the band's resilience in the aftermath of the tragic bus accident. I hope I've managed to capture the essence of their journey and offer a visual representation that resonates with the profound themes of trauma, recovery, and unwavering determination found within “The Purple Album.”


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