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Corvus Corax

As a follower of Corvus Corax, the German neo-medieval folk band whose songs have enchanted my soul, I wanted to create a poster, through which I could breathe new life into their renowned album, Skál, released in 2018. It's an artistic creation that prompted me to express my deep appreciation for their music, allowing me to embark on a captivating journey into the heart of their melodic realm.

This artwork served as a testament to the band's ability to reinterpret old stories that have been adapted into a contemporary language. Thus a melodic tapestry has been woven that can transport listeners through time.

This poster is an initiative to graphically reinterpret the concept present on the official album cover.  With romantic ballads such as "Die Rose" effortlessly stirring the depths of the soul and the erotically charged melodies of "Eine Jungfrau", the illustration encapsulated the band's ability to tackle themes of varying emotional intensity. Their music ignited my imagination, transporting me to realms both familiar and fantastical. 

By creating this fanmade poster, I want to share my passion for the music
of Corvus Corax with other fans, while also wanting to inspire them to enter
the captivating world the singers have created. So I invite you to begin
a transformative musical journey and discover the magic that lies in the realm
of the Skál album.


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