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Death comes like a thief in the night! web_edited.jpg

Death comes

This personal project proposes the viewer to become aware of and contemplate death, the fragility of this fleeting life and the things that can take the soul away from the path that leads to the Creator.


Initially, the idea arose during a reading of the Bible, specifically I Thessalonians, chapter 5. In verse 2 it is written that "the day of the Lord comes like a thief in the night". This metaphor got me thinking about the fragility of life. A soul unprepared for its encounter with God will head for a depth of torment, living in a conscious and repeated regret for a life spent without Him.


St. John Chrysostom said that if every man knew his end, no one would care to perform virtuous deeds while he lived. Man would first choose to do countless evils, and then, towards the end, repent and go to the next life freed from his sins.


Since we humans, when we don't know our time of death, hardly do good deeds and add virtues to our soul (most preferring to repent towards the end of life), what else would we think could happen if we knew our time of death?


Besides, there would be no true self-sacrificing deeds either. Perhaps the heroes might not deserve their position, for whatever they do in battle would not harm them, for they know they will not meet death. The same would be true of the cowards. Surely those who choose to follow God's way and desire to be enveloped in the light of His glory see their spiritual development process with different eyes. They come to accept death as a natural phenomenon that helps them to unite their soul with Him for eternity.


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