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The "Etheric" series is a mystical and symbolic journey through the deepest secrets of the forests, presented through a set of four transformative photographs. Through chromatic filters aiming to create a dreamlike atmosphere, these picturesque images bring the viewer into an inner universe where symbolism and mysticism rule.

Each photograph was taken with the purpose of introducing the viewer to a subtle reality, where the forest becomes a portal to higher understandings and profound spiritual connections. Through the subtle interplay of light and color, each landscape seeks to convey a message of ancestral wisdom and harmony with the cosmos.

Through the "Etheric" series, I didn't just want to capture the beauty of nature, but also to reveal the hidden layers of the forests' significance, invoking ancient mysteries and the sacred wisdom of nature. This photographic series aims to open doors to unseen worlds and invite the viewer on an inner journey, full of magic and profound meanings.

In this way, the viewer can explore not only the outer beauty of nature but also that of the soul, highlighting the subtle connection between them and the vast universe that surrounds them.

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