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Heal my spirit!

As someone who has experienced the transformative power of prayer, I was immediately drawn to the poster that depicts an old man in mystical ecstasy kneeling and looking up to heaven, with the hand of God blessing him.
The image is a representation of the prayer of the heart that is said to Creator, and the depth of prayer that it represents.

This form of imploration that goes beyond words and thoughts, is rooted in the deepest part of our being. It is a way of surrendering ourselves to God completely, and opening ourselves up to receive His grace and blessings.

In the poster, the image of the old man represents the deep devotion and faith that is required to engage in the prayer of the heart. His mystical ecstasy and upward gaze reflect the deep connection that he has with God, and the way
in which prayer can transport us beyond the physical realm and into the spiritual.

The hand of God that blesses him is a symbol of the divine presence that we are praying to, and the love and grace that flows from God.


The desolation of the landscape behind the figure reflects the character's inner state, and the way in which prayer can bring us to a place of deep introspection and spiritual transformation.


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