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Last fight

Through these photo series, I aimed to capture in images the story of a female warrior who dedicated her life to fighting for the defense of the Christian faith. Inspired by the legendary strength and courage of Joan of Arc, I created this series as an exploration of the final moments of the female character's life, where her death becomes the ultimate sacrifice offered to God. Each photograph serves as a window into the essence of human courage, determination, and steadfastness in the face of adversity, illustrating how strong faith can provide power and guidance in the darkest moments.


These images convey the narrative of both an inner and outer battle, portraying a woman who did not hesitate to take risks and sacrifice her own life for a greater cause. Through the play of light and shadows, expressions, and subtle details, the photographs delve into the complexity and beauty of devotion to faith and self-sacrifice for a higher belief.


My intention with these images is to bring to the forefront a universal tale of the inner strength of the human spirit to rise even in the face of the most severe trials. It is a journey into the heart of a spiritual struggle, where values such as courage, determination, and faith become guiding lights in the darkness of a world full of challenges and temptations.

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