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MOSES - Poster 2 web_edited.jpg


This poster design was made for the London indie-rock band Moses, who were invited to perform at the Romanian Rocks festival. Working with the Romanian Cultural Institute in London, the organizers of the festival, I had the opportunity to create a design that suited my style. 

The graphic concept was based on the main characters (two cats - one white and one black) that tell their story in the album “Almost everything is bulshit” released in 2020, whose graphics were created by Ana Bănică.

After reviewing all the illustrations that accompany the album, I chose one of them as a source of inspiration. Cats attacking a dog.  I naturally felt I should bring the felines to the foreground, thus oversizing them to suggest the idea of strength and dominance.


Through the dynamic composition of the work, I aimed to highlight the fact that the villain is in danger, thus emphasizing the idea that “we can do anything if we are united”. Also, the chromaticism of the poster is not randomly selected, but follows the specific color scheme of the whole album.


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