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Mother Nature

Over time, people have had a close connection with the surrounding environment, which has contributed to their good development both materially and spiritually. Aware of the power and importance of nature, man deified it and felt that it was necessary to thank in various ways. Some built temples in her name, others altars in the hearts of the forests, bringing regular offerings, etc.

Unfortunately, nowadays society no longer prioritizes what can truly nourish man, both physically and spiritually. Human beings deliberately choose wild consumerism, which plants in the mind and soul the illusion that a multitude of things and social positions can bring fulfilment. Various organizations and companies fool us through the media with so-called projects/movements claiming to care for the environment.

We sacrifice Mother Nature for the sake of this crazy world. We pass over this tragedy with a slight indifference, because we are too busy trying to attract the attention of others with our beautiful accessories.

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