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My dark bride

The project presents in the foreground a ghostly bride who embodies the antithesis between light and darkness. This poem, whose author is unknown, reproduces this idea in a beautiful way, communicating harmoniously with the photographic series.

A vision, a phantom, ethereal, divine

Angelical fire and brimstone entwined

For she is the light and the night in my dream

And it's her name in the cold and the black that I scream

But is she for real or a trick of my mind?

Feverish fantasies and longings combined

But these are just thoughts born of the sun

When darkness comes, they are undone

And I am but a slave upon her return

Yet I willingly offer my soul to burn

Oblivion she beckons me, take her hands

And leave forever these sunlit lands

To feel the sting of the razor sharp knife

And release me from this miserable life

She comes to me now for the day is at end

And into the blackness we both will descend

She is the dark inside me

She is the voice that guides me

She is the blood that spills

She is the blade that kills

She keeps the sins I hide

She is my spectral bride

She is my end


Wrote by Lucien

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