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After listening to the album “In cauda venenum” released in 2019 by the band Opeth, I knew I had to make a poster. I felt that the graphic representation of an old man with a scorpion's tail coming out of his mouth fit the theme of the album. I wanted the image to be both striking and disturbing to capture the dark and disturbing atmosphere of the album.

The theme of death is a central element of the album, and is represented in various ways throughout the lyrics and music. For me, the image of an elderly man with a scorpion's tail is a powerful representation of the inevitability of death, and the way in which it can transform us into something new and unexpected. The scorpion's tail is a symbol of danger and aggression, which represents the destructive force of death. 


The combination of these two elements creates a sense of tension and conflict, which is reflective of the album's complex and multi-layered narrative. The album explores the idea of death in a profound and thought-provoking way, and encourages the listener to reflect on their own mortality and the way in which death shapes our lives.

As a fan of Opeth, I appreciate the way in which the band explores complex themes in their music, and the way in which their art encourages us to reflect on our own lives and experiences.


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