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Prayer chamber

The photo series is a collection of images that depict personal prayer spaces. It is a compositional study that seeks to capture the atmosphere of small rooms found in traditional Romanian houses, where it was common for simple country people to set aside a special corner for prayer.

Each image in the series is carefully composed to convey a sense of intimacy and reverence. The use of warm, muted colors and soft lighting creates a peaceful and contemplative mood, while the inclusion of religious objects like crosses and icons emphasizes the spiritual nature of the spaces depicted.

Through these works, I wish to remind people of the importance of prayer and personal reflection, and the role that physical spaces can play in facilitating these practices. The series invites viewers to think about ways they can cultivate their own personal prayer practices and create sacred spaces in their lives.

Overall, my intention was to encourage viewers to reflect on the role of prayer and spirituality in our lives. By focusing on personal prayer spaces, the series highlights the importance of creating physical environments that support our spiritual practices and help us connect with the divine.

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