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The Middle Ages are a subject that has attracted my attention for a long time. The stories and history of this period have inspired me in many of my works
of Graphic Design and Photography. Medieval music always delights my soul and helps me break free from the hustle and bustle of modernism, transporting me
to a completely different world. Although marked by its brutality, the Middle Ages were rich in art and spirituality.


There are many writings that tell us, for example, about the way people spent their time and how music sounded. Being a fan of rock music, I wanted to make
a poster for the German band (from Munich) of medieval folk-rock Schandmaul
in which to present an emblematic character for the band – the jester. Knowing that he was present at the parties, I thought it would be ideal to expose him
in a tragic-comic position. Amused by its expression, I thought it was appropriate for the graphic concept of the poster. He may suggest to the viewer
an unsuccessful joke he has just made to a person who has not been very pleased with it, or perhaps a grumpy thing that might bring him a not-so-happy future.
Of course, other interpretations may arise if the viewer's imagination is bold enough.


The rhythms of the Schandmaul songs, strong and often extremely cheerful, inspired me to associate the situation of the character with certain actions played in a very brave way in many of the band's albums.


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