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The distinctive, gravelly voice of the lead singer Aðalbjörn Tryggvason,
emanating a strong vibration of dramatims throughout the compositions, impressed me deeply after the first audition of the song Fjara. This introduced
me for the first time to the mystical and storytelling world of the Irish post-metal band Solstafir. Listening with great enthusiasm to the album Svartir Sandar
(Black Sands), I felt that it would be worthwhile to make a fan-made poster
to illustrate a moment present in one of the songs of the album.


 I chose track no. 12 "Djákninn", because I felt that I was energetically connected to the atmosphere and the action of the presented story. The graphic representation was based on this stanza:

þokan geymir gamlar syndir,
Hvítir hrafnar, svartir sandar.
Sligað stolt fjarri heimahögum.


The fog carries old sins,

white ravens, black sands.

A tired pride far from home.


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