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As a lover of classic cinema, I'm delighted to share my personal perspective
on the fanmade poster I created for the Soviet horror film "Viy". Inspired by the 1967 masterpiece directed by Konstantin Yershov and Georgi Kropachyov,
my goal was to capture one of the most iconic moments in this iconic film and pay homage to its impact on the genre.

The film holds a special place in my heart because it was also the first Soviet-era horror film to be officially released in the USSR. Based on Nikolai Gogol's story, the film transported audiences into a realm of supernatural terror and folklore, providing a chilling cinematic experience that I believe left an indelible mark
on the history of Soviet horror.

With the help of digital photo collage and careful color selection, I tried
to embody the eerie atmosphere and spiritual nature of the film.  Through the shades of red and the contrast between shadow and light, I aimed to suggest
the horrors that lurk for the seminarian Khoma (the main character) within the narrative. At the same time this contrast conveys his flickering hope and fragility during the rituals of the young Pannochka's vigil.

In making this poster, I also sought to pay homage to the writers, Yershov, Kropachyov and Aleksandr Ptushko, who brought Gogol's story to life.
Their collaboration resulted in a cinematic work that continues to captivate audiences to this day. Through my artwork, I wanted to celebrate their vision
and honour their contribution to the genre.

Additionally, as a fan, I wanted to create a work that would resonate with other enthusiasts and spark their curiosity about "Viy". By infusing the poster with symbols, I aimed to pique the viewer's interest and invite them into the magical world of film. I hoped that my art would serve as a visual invitation to experience the frightening narrative first-hand.

Creating this poster was a labor of love, a way to express my admiration for the work of cinema. It is a personal tribute to the film's rich history, its pioneering status within the Soviet-era horror genre, and the immense talent of its creators.

It is my sincere hope that this work will serve as a visual testament to the enduring charm of "Viy". May it thus ignite a spark of intrigue among those who encounter it, drawing them into the realm of supernatural horror and folklore that defines this film.


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