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Hello! My name is Cristian Calistru, I am from Piatra Neamț, Romania, and I graduated from the "George Enescu" University
of Visual Arts and Design in Iași, with a degree in photography and a master's in Graphic Design.

Through my artistic approach, I explore the essential aspects of spirituality and the subconscious, translating them into captivating images. Inspired by dark conceptual art and symbolism that reveals its meanings in silence, I seek to create works that both scream and whisper at the same time.


Each piece is a story laden with significance, inviting the viewer to delve into the unexplored depths of their own being. Through these creations, I aim to open doors to introspection and deep reflection for the viewer, thus forming a communication between imagination and reality.


Art has contributed to my self-discovery and spiritual development. Naturally, this aspect has motivated me to delve into such topics in my works. Through photography, I encourage the viewer to contemplate the soul, life, death, and the search
for one's self, placing them in a space of stories with dark atmospheres. Additionally, I am someone who enjoys experimenting with new techniques to create projects with
a strong message and visual impact.


My passion for literature, illustration, music, and film has led me
to explore Graphic Design. My constant interest in these branches of art has motivated me to study advertising graphics (especially for posters, books, music albums, banners, invitations, etc.)
to provide a finished form of the vision for those who wish
to express themselves visually.


So, if you think you might need a new designer, don't esitate
to get in touch for a chat!

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2024 - Personal Exhibition "Lăuntrica suflare" | Iași, RO

2023 - International Art Biennial "Meeting Point" | Arad, RO

2023 - Biennial of Fine Arts "Lascăr Vorel" | Piatra-Neamț, RO

2023 - Art Salon ARTIS | Iași, RO

2021 - Blue Biennal - Essentia | Brașov, RO

2021 - Identități Ieșene | Iași, RO
2021 - Annual Art Salon "ARTIS" | Iași, RO 

2019 - National Photography Contest "Oameni și datini" | Brașov, RO 

2014 - Identități Ieșene | Iași, RO
2014 - Fabricat în România | Iași, RO
2014 - 5o'clock | Iași, RO

2014 - Erotica | Iași, RO
2014 - Inter/față | Iași, RO



2021 - Union of Fine Artists of Romania - Iași


2019 -  The Grand Prize | Etnographic Photography National Contest "Oameni și tradiții" | Brașov, RO


2014 -  ,,Arta și tradiția în Europa", Carmen Sîrbu

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