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My constant need for enhancing my spirituality has naturally led me to develop my prayer time experience and to communicate more lively with God.  Many of my attempts to improve these aspects often give me the feeling that something is not right. Perhaps I am not acting in my life sufficiently and effectively to fulfill my purpose.


Over time I became even more aware that it is not enough just to acquire virtues such as patience, tolerance, honesty, discipline (and the like of these). It still takes a strong and well-justified determination to be able to fight off all the thoughts and habits that would make my path to fulfillment more difficult. We all have a duty to fight this long and arduous battle throughout our lives.


However, exaltation is a feeling that I feel every time I see that I climb another step on the stairs of spiritual unveiling. This experience naturally contributes to a state of peace of mind when communicating with God.


I also believe that deep meditation on death and the unknown moment of its coming can help us to become aware of our present state, thus forcing us to awaken from the numbness of the spirit to overcome our passions.



"My grave! Why do I forget you? You wait for me, you wait for me, and no doubt I will wallow in you: for what, then, do I look at you and act as if the grave were only other people's part, and not mine?" 


 -  St. Ignatius Brycianinov  -

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