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“Warlord” is a project materialized as a skateboard design, based on a poster that highlights the concept of senseless war. The illustration and text are designed to suggest to the viewer that war is often portrayed as an act of defending a country or a people. In reality, war serves the interests of greedy and ignorant individuals hungry for power and money. People with such obscure intentions manipulate the masses to achieve their selfish goals, emphasizing the deceitful aspect of this phenomenon.


Through this project, I intended to convey a satirical image of how war is frequently presented and perceived, highlighting the discrepancy between what is shown publicly and the harsh reality behind the scenes. It is an exploration of human nature and how power struggles and personal interests can distort and corrupt the initial ideals of a conflict. Through this design, I bring to the forefront a critical and provocative perspective on the complexity of war and mass manipulation, prompting viewers to reflect and question the conventional perceptions and dominant narratives surrounding armed conflict.


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