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This work is part of a photo series called “Wonderland”. The series is special for me because it was born after a trip made with my wife, in a mountain town
in Romania, called Băile Tușand, on the occasion of our marriage.
The series presents some dream places that nature in Romania has.

As many people as possible should enjoy them.


During the meditations I had after admiring these breathtaking places,
I personally felt like in a world of the fantastic in which nature seemed
to dominate the human being. The name of the series was naturally shown, as the very creatures of the earth and the sky that lived in those places. The surrounding beauties that are torn as if from a children's story, can calm the nature and the most disturbed person who comes from the hectic environment of today's world.


This nature reserve made me want even more to live somewhere where
the madness of the modern world is calmer. I realize once again, the importance of forests and the gifts that nature offers man to help him be in harmony with it, but especially with the Creator.


As I walked through the nature reserve accompanied by a guide, I reached a point where I had to cross a small bridge, improvised from planks, which at first glance did not seem safe at all. It was made to protect people from stepping on the swampy ground, whose yolk was like a sponge. Being fascinated by what I had
in front of my eyes, I quickly composed the frame in my mind, and then I would take the photo.

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